Analytical and industrial perspectives in ingredients production and profiling (2 h + 2 h)

The development of new ingredients for food and food supplements is a cool topic in Food Science and Technology. Circular economy for the food and drink industry means an efficient use of resources (water, energy, raw materials), from the sourcing of agricultural raw materials to the consumption of the food products, including the need to prevent food losses and wastage at each and every stage wherever possible. Through continuous improvement and product innovation, many food and drink manufacturers have developed by-product and co-product lines to maximise the use of raw materials and minimise food waste. The availability and the transformation of new sustainable sources (also facing with the problem of the production of 'novel foods' as defined in Reg. (UE) 2015/2283) is another key topic in this area. Enzyme-driven production of new bioactive ingredients and industrial scale-up, as well as the analytical profiling of new ingredients under the metabolomic and proteomic umbrellas, will be the main topic of the lectures, debating some case studies.
Dr. Fabrizio Rivardo is currently R&D Manager at A. Costantino & C. S.p.A.. Dr. Rivardo is a specialist in enzymatic hydrolysis process at industrial level, with a deep expertise in food and food ingredients.
Prof. Luigi Lucini currently serves as Associate Professor (Agr/13) at Universita Cattolica di Piacenza, teaching Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry of food. Since 2014 is responsible for the metabolomics facility at his Faculty, dealing with plant, food, microbiology and environmental metabolomics.


M. Arlorio, F. Rivardo, L. Lucini


food chemistry





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