Training actvity

In order to broad the scientific knowledge of the Ph.D. candidates, during the 3 years, it will be organized seminars and courses on innovative topics related with the drug science. The annual courses will be established each year by the Ph.D. committee.

Linguistic courses

In order to improve the linguistic skills of the Ph.D. candidates, the seminars and courses will be held in English. Furthermore, all the periodical presentations of the candidates as well as the final dissertation will be held in English. Free English courses for Ph.D. Candidates will be available. Finally, courses and specific activities to improve the communication skills of the Ph.D. candidates will be held.


The education of the informatic skills applied to drug discovery and development process will be sustained through: i) courses on the use of the main scientific and patent databases; ii) courses based on data statistic treatment; iii) use of specific software useful in drug discovery.

How to manage their research activity

During their final year, the course has the specific aim to involve to the Ph.D. candidates, to the grant applications . To support this activity, preparatory courses will be available (e.g. ("How to write a project grant"). Furthermore, based on the own experiences of the Ph.D. Committee, a session based on a critical re-evaluation both successful and unsuccessful grant applications will be held.