Ph.D. students XXXVIII cycle

Ballerini Giulia

Role of the endogenous carbon monoxide (CO) gasotransmitter in cancer cell biology and cancer progression
Tutor: Sica Antonio
Co-tutor: Consonni Francesca Maria

Diana Giada

Micro and nanostructured platforms for delivery and targeting of bioactive compounds
Tutor: Torre Maria Luisa
Co-tutor: Segale Lorena

Forgione Federico

Ecological transition in the industry of chelating agents
Tutor: Giovenzana Giovanni Battista
Co-tutor: Cavallotti Camilla

Incerti Martina

Transcriptional regulators of protumoral myelopoiesis and therapeutic relevance
Tutor: Sica Antonio
Co-tutor: Consonni Francesca Maria

Martoccia Manuel

Enzymatic and biotechnological processes for the production of new ingredients with high added value from edible seeds
Tutor: Coisson Jean Daniel
Co-tutor: Rivardo Fabrizio

Sansotera Andrea Chiara

Glycolipids and lipopeptides: anti-adhesive compounds of microbial origin for the control of biofilm formation on biomaterials, new application perspectives and sustainable production.
Tutor: Fracchia Letizia
Co-tutor: Ceresa Chiara

Villani Salvatore

UPLC-HRMS identification and characterization of new specific and selective inhibitors on protein isoforms of pharmaceutical interest
Tutor: Del Grosso Erika
Co-tutor: Aprile Silvio